It's been a big deal for as long as I can remember, our self body image. And why has it been such a big deal? Magazines, swimsuit catalogs, movie posters and more. We hear about the airbrushing, the softening of features, pimple removal, creating bigger boobs and smaller waists. But we and our daughters buy into it over and over again. Here is something the Today Show did that really shows how the industry manipulates us. Amazing, insane and real!

Today Show

Can you see the subtle differences? I feel like a kids menu with the two similar pictures and you have to circle what is different in them. LOL!!!!

The most obvious here is the changes to Savannah (next to Matt Lauer, second from the left with the shorter hair), she has a thinner waist, darker hair, bigger boobs and they changed the color of her dress (along with the background, it's now mint verses white).

With Al Roker (I really shouldn't have to point him out) his clothes have been made brighter, including changing his shirt from a dull light blue color to a peppy pink, his waist looks more defined and look at those teeth (I personally think that they all got a little teeth whitening, but his really stand out compared to the original)).

Natalie, what have they done here, yes, a dress color change, plus they have seemingly lengthened her hair and gave her a different hair style. Natalie has also gone through a little tummy tuck action as far as I can tell, no, not in real life with the amazing digital image tools available today, there is now a space between her and Al.

Matt Lauer, at first glance you would most likely say I don't see anything different, but look again. His suit, it's wrinkle free and again, like with Al Roker, brighter. Matt' tie is dramatically different especially in that charcoal grey (I believe) suit verses the off green-ish suit in the original shot. There have been subtle cosmetic changes, can you tell what they are? Yep, there is more hair in general and the grey is almost gone (which to me is a good thing as the grey on Matt just washes him out, but by saying that am I giving in to the mass digital image tool crisis, or as a friend would I say, "hey dude, color your hair and 'is that a beard'?

And what I almost missed... They have shortened or cut off Al Roker's right hand hand (left as you look at the photo) in the before shot his hand was on Savannah's hip. Also, look at this now one handed Al Roker, his hand is almost on Natalie's butt in the first shot, but in the after shot it is on the small of her back. It looks to me that they also lengthened Savannah and Natalie's neck, even smoothing Natalie's a bit, what do you think?

Did I miss anything? Take a look and see if you can come up with anything I missed. And then hug your daughter and take her out for a small ice cream, no one should do without, but with that said there are only a few occasions in life where we really should eat more than a small sized ice cream. Birthdays, vacation, break-ups and loss are all good reasons to order the large cone! :)