Since Colorado has approved the sale of recreational marijuana, pot, the talk amongst people I know in other states almost always includes some kind of you must smoke pot kind of conversation.

You Live in Colorado, You Must Smoke Pot Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

To each his own I always say, but when I am now labeled because I live here, well, I don't know if I'm comfortable with that.

The state approved the sales a couple of years ago and the first stores started opening in January of this year. Northern Colorado was a bit slower at jumping on the band wagon for retail pot sales. The first commonly known shop was set up in Garden City near Greeley.

Fort Collins initially put the brakes on retail sales until they could figure out a good plan for the community. But that ban was lifted March 31 of this year and the shops are starting to unfold.

Fort Collins residents will not only be able to buy recreational marijuana to smoke, but they'll also get to experience the world of edibles with a new shop opening up this Friday morning in old town.

Okay, now with all that said, how do you feel? Do you have to have the pot talk with family and friends from out-of-state? If you don't smoke, does it offend you that the state of Colorado and apparently everyone in it, including you, are pot-heads (in the minds of the rest of the United States)? So, that may be a bit extreme, but if one more person makes a comment about it, I may scream.

And will this increase the number of transplants to our state? Can we remind the nation that Washington state will also begin selling recreational pot this summer and rumor has it that you can already mail-order it, not quite sure how that works or even comes close to being legal considering pot sales for profit and consumption are still a federal crime, hmmm, I guess it's okay because federal officers have been told, in a nut shell, to look the other way (if I'm reading into the lingo correctly)

I need to take a nap and no, not because I've been smoking pot! In case you're wondering, no I don't partake in edibles or smoking the stuff, and yes, I would tell you, you know me better than that.

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