It's known by many nicknames, but Weld County Road 49 is slated for some major improvements and will be given an actual name!

Get the details-

Weld County is seeking the public's help in the name of one of the most traveled routes in Northern Colorado.  WCR 49 is the corridor between Hwy 34 and I-76; many local truckers and OTR truckers use it to bypass Hwy 85 to get from North Weld County to South Weld County.

Weld County has big plans for the corridor: expanding it to a four-lane highway; improved intersections and eventually increasing the corridor north to Hwy 14 and past I-76 to the south.

From Weld County:

These scheduled improvements will greatly impact Weld County and the surrounding communities along the WCR 49 corridor. Naming the road will not only identify the corridor but also unite the communities located along the corridor.

Those communities include Kersey, Hudson, Keensburg and outlying Weld County.

If you have suggestions or ideas on the naming of WCR 49 you can submit them to (please put WCR49 in the subject line).

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