It begins simply, like any other day. You get a cup of coffee, head your desk, laundry room back upstairs-whatever. That's how it was for me on this day, just a normal regular day doing normal regular day stuff in the morning.


I had actually been upstairs getting ready for work and was on my way to the kitchen to feed the cats. I step off of the last step, take a sip of coffee and take a breath all at the same time. Do you know what happened next? If you guess that it continued to be a normal regular morning, you would not be right.

Immediately I knew something was wrong, I knew that that sip of coffee and that breath I took had collided in my throat and a war had begun. I guess to my relief the breath won and made it's way down, the coffee did not have such a great experience and therefore, neither did I. For what I believe to be the first time ever, the coffee came rushing out as quickly as that seemingly little sip I took just moments before. Yes, you got it right, I blew coffee all over the kitchen, I had no choice, it wasn't going down the breath I took already won that race/war. I can guarantee you if I had been filmed during this experience it would become a top 10 YouTube video. I stood there thinking what the heck? Does kind of remind you of Blake Shelton's song though, "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking"-Right?

So, what happens to you that you don't tell... what are your embarrassing moments. Comment below! :)