I get a few Christmas cards each year, I'm not complaining, I am not consistent when it comes to sending them out myself, so I get what I get. :P But about 40% of the cards that I do get have what I call the "brag letter". Don't get me wrong, I think its great for family that lives far away and doesn't get to share in the day to day lives of the little ones, but as the neighbor do I really need to know that little Lana can count to 100 in Chinese? Of course I am being a little facetious and a little real. I do however, believe that this video brag letter will make you laugh hysterically for one reason or another.


Okay, did you laugh? I thought so. If you laughed cause it was funny or because of the nature of the video, the brag video or because of the Xmas Jammies it doesn't matter, Merry Christmas. During this magical time of the year you are suppose to laugh and smile... your memories of things gone should only make you smile there's plenty of time to be sad next year.... :P