Ninety-seven people have died so far this year on Wyoming highways and the Wyoming Highway Patrol says about 25 percent of those deaths have involved motorcyclists.

Sergeant David Wagener says the Cowboy State, which saw 24 motorcycle fatalities in 2015, has already matched last year's number.

"Out of the 24 fatalities involving a motorcycle this year, half were not wearing a helmet," said Wagener. "A small handful of those 12 did have a helmet with them on the bike, they just were not wearing it."

"Seven were wearing a helmet and the remaining five haven't been determined at this time," Wagener added.

Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia have "universal" helmet laws requiring anyone riding on a motorcycle to wear a helmet, but Wyoming is not one of them.

Wagener says even though minors are the only ones required to wear helmets in Wyoming, it's still a good idea for everyone to wear one.

"If you ride on a motorcycle do what ever you can to increase your safety," said Wagener. "You might be the world's safest rider and do everything correctly every time, but you also have to remember there are other people out on the highway that could be not driving safely."