87 year old Gib Dunning is an American Patriot.  True and simple...he loves this country and served proudly in WWII.  Gib was also lucky enough to see be a part of the Northern CO Honor Flight to see the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. and wants to make sure others get the same chance.

Drake resident Gib Dunning would like other veterans to experience the same feeling but realized that many retired soldiers just can't afford it so to help raise money for an upcoming honor flight, he contributed his wife's chicken cacciatore recipe to a very special cookbook.

"Kitchen Creations to Honor Our Heroes," created by the Loveland Gamma Chi Chapter is out to raise money to sponsor two veterans on an upcoming honor flight so they too can experience what Gib did.

In fact, 212 recipes were donated by local residents that cover a wide array of food types and tastes from items such as taco dip, enchiladas and Amish sugar cookies and just about everything in between including some items you don't want to eat at all.

Copies of the cookbook can be purchased through Gamma Chi member and former Viet Nam Vet Phyllis Minch. The books also will be sold at the Embassy Suites during the send-off for the next honor flight in early May.