One of the greatest things about modern technology is the advancement of DNA which have been freeing innocent victims from prison for years now.  This story is about David Ranta's release from prison last week after 23 years but it's what happened two days later the defies all odds.

David Ranta was convicted in 1991 of killing a prominent Hasidic rabbi, Chaskel Werzberger, following the failed robbery of a jewelry courier in 1990. He was sentenced to 37 and a half years and just released this past Thursday after the acknowledgement that the evidence had actually been rigged starting with a false line-up photo by a coached witness.

So after being released from prison on Thursday, he suffered several heart attack's Friday while spending some private time with family at a New York hotel.  Doctors said at a press conference that... of his arteries was completely blocked and another artery was halfway closed. Doctors put in a stent and Mr. Ranta was expected to undergo another procedure - Attorney Pierre Sussman

So I can't wonder, if it were me, what I would be more upset with.  The fact that I spent 23 years of my life behind bars or that I contacted heart disease, most likely, while being there.  Of course there is option C which is both.

What course of action could you take?  I don't think you can sue the State but you might get lucky with civil suits against those who falsely convicted?  Wow, I can't imagine how many emotions Mr. David Ranta has gone through in the last 72 hours but it's safe to say, all of them.