We've all done it. We have all written and sent an email that we regret. The biggest problem with emails is that you cannot read emotion. Emotion is crucial part of communication and can be even more telling than words themselves. You cannot pick that up without human interaction. I am very careful with emails because they are not always taken the way you intended.

Another problem is when they are taken exactly as you intended for them to be taken in that moment. That moment can pass quickly and you may not feel as heated about it five minutes later. I know you have been told this a hundred times but consider this one hundred and one, don't hit send right away. If you have something that is making you angry and feel the need to write about it, do it. There is great therapy in writing out what you are feeling but when you are done writing walk away and do something else for awhile. Come back the next day and read what you wrote. Put yourself in the position of the person who will be reading it and see if it really says what you mean. If you still feel the same way, send it. I have seen too many situations blow up just because people didn't actually talk to each other. Be human.