Thursday has definitely packed an entertainment punch including the news of Brangelina getting married and Hello Kitty not being a Kitty.

Hello Kitty isn't a Kitty Mike Lawrie Getty Images

Yep, it may be a bit to take in for a Thursday, but reports about Hello Kitty not being a Kitty have been littering social media and news sites today.

A blogger doing a story about the eclectic icon of this century was told straight up that the Hello Kitty image was not that of a kitty, but that of a girl. In fact, Hello Kitty has never been a kitty or a cat. She's always been a 'bright little girl with a big heart,' that according to the creators of Hello Kitty.

What you might not know about Hello Kitty, besides her not being a kitty... She has a twin sister, she lives just outside of London, is a perpetual third-grader, she enjoys baking cookies and plays the piano.

After 40 years of thinking Hello Kitty is a kitty, many fans are up in arms about this news.

And then, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally, after nine years, tied the knot. In an ultra private ceremony in France, the two are now officially married. They celebrated with their six children and close friends and family. However, Jolie's dad was not in attendance, and when asked about the marriage, it was news to him, he added a good wish to them. The two had said they would not marry until gay marriages were recognized.

What is next for this couple? Brad and Angelina will star in a movie together. It will be the first time working together since they starred opposite each other in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Filming for "By the Sea" will begin soon.