Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Comedy is a show that features 5 of the bravest combat veterans you could ever meet and it's on your TV Thursday night.

The show, which culminates with a comedy show at a high profile LA club, can be seen Thursday night, December 5th at 6:00 PM. The Showtime documentary is about five severely wounded Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who were teamed up with professional comedy writers and comedians to tell their stories through comedy.

The trailer for the show can be seen directly below.

The coaches, Lewis Black, Zach Galifianakis, BJ Novak, and Bob Saget worked with their assigned veterans to come up with a short routine to help them find new perspectives from which to view their injuries and their lives and be able to look at things differently.

As strange as it may sound to us, comedy to combat their nightmares is something I can only applaud them for.  Let's face it, getting up in front of a crowd to try and be funny could be one of the bravest things they have ever done.