You never know what will make people talk. You mention something or paste something on Facebook that you think is really cool and nothing...

... And then you have a random thought... you share a picture of a silly little craving and you are hit with multiple comments. Please keep in mind that you have not posted a pic about french fries or ice cream sundaes... you put up a picture of Brussel Sprouts. :)

what did my friends say about brussel sprouts:

  • Mary: Looks Delish
  • Ronda wrote: Love, Love em
  • Debi said: I love Brussel Sprouts... they look delicious
  • Keith: Well... I can't repeat that cow cud reference-I don't think he likes them
  • Becky: She says she's the same way (about craving Brussel Sprouts?) :)
  • Ruth: she commented that it looked like I had enough to share
  • Ashley: Great Job!
  • Pat: Love them

Aside from comments there are 10 unique "Likes" of my Brussel Sprout picture... go figure... and my adorable cat, Barley, laying his head on my laptop a couple of weeks ago garnered almost no attention-guess I should have named him Brussel Sprout. LOL