Living with anyone for any period of time can be a challenge. It is even more of challenge if the chores of the relationship don't seem evenly split up. Sometimes it seems like we are not getting what we expect out of the relationship. Perhaps we should all sign relationship agreements to ensure we get what we want.

Relationship contracts are becoming popular now. This is where you draw up the expectations you each have for your relationship and it is up to you to live up to what you sign your name to. They are not legally binding but many experts say it helps with the structure of a relationship. Couples are including everything from household chores, income expectations and frequency of love making.Mine would include restrictions on hanging clothes on door knobs, amount of coffee mugs left out on counters, a rule that if something isn't used in 3 years it should be thrown out, and no complaining for at least 4 minutes after you come home from work. What would you put in your relationship agreement?