I have recently been on a beach vacation and have an upcoming reunion, by the time I went on vacation I was down 19.5 pounds, but apparently had really gotten big and am still less than an ideal weight. I am happy for my accomplishments and realize that the world would accept me twenty pounds from here, plus or minus, but with the reunion scheduled for this summer, I started thinking about how you feel, would you rather hit the beach or your high school reunion with extra weight? (and neither isn't an acceptable answer)

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I conducted an informal survey this morning. I asked 20 of my friends this exact question, would you rather hit the beach or your high school reunion with extra weight. Any guesses which way this went? I was actually surprised at the overall answer. How my friends feel about this question is nearly unanimous.


  • 17 Said they would rather hit the beach with extra weight
  • 2 Said High School Reunion
  • 1 Refused to choose (there's always one in every crowd)



  • "Beach, My ex-husband will be at my reunion"
  • "The beach definitely, wouldn't want my high school friends who remember me as skinny to see me, you won't see anyone at the beach again"
  • "The beach because I don't know any of those people"
  • "The beach, rather have extra weight around strangers"
  • "I think there is more to consider, are you comfortable in your own skin" (oye)
  • "The beach, I will NEVER see those people again!!!!"
  • "The beach, the girls I went to high school with were B*#^&*! and I would want to look better than them"

Whether its a high school reunion or the beach, you should feel good about yourself no matter what, but if you are getting ready for a high school reunion, remember to mind your p's and q's, there's definitely a right way and a wrong way to handle it. Number one rule would likely be, don't try to be a Romy and Michelle, no bragging or inflating your accomplishments needed.