I have often heard people talk about not having enough good friends to hang out with. If this sounds like you, you should ask yourself one simple question. Would you hang out with you?

Are you someone who complains all the time? Are you a Debbie Downer? Do you carry so much emotional baggage that you suck the life out of the room? Think about the people who light up your life when you are around them. What do they do that makes you feel good? Just by being up and having a happy attitude you can be a joy to be around and effect people in a positive way. If you don't add something to someone's life why would they want you around? I have had too many high maintenance friends in my life and I end up drifting apart from all of them. We all have enough burdens in our lives and you don't need to dump yours all over your friends and have that be all they see when they look at you.

Once you become someone you would want to hang out with you will be amazed at how many people will want to spend time with you. Even if you don't end up with more friends you will like spending time with yourself because you have become someone you would want to be with. Be the friend you would like to have.