There are people in and around your life that will not go on vacation because of their pets. They love their pets as we all do, but for some they take it to the extreme. Start packing, it's time for a vacation, here is a worry-free pet sitter checklist for Colorado pet owners.

Pet Sitter Tips TSM


  • Good pet sitters will have their calendars filled months in advance, to make sure you get the best available, at a price that's reasonable book your pet sitter when you book your vacation.
  • Invite your pet sitter over before your vacation to familarize your pet and the sitter. This will cause less stress on your pet if he gets a chance to know the sitter. This is also a good chance for you to go over your feeding schedule, give instruction on any meds your pet is currently taking. You might even suggest that the sitter take your dog for a short walk around the block to tighten the bond between the sitter and your pet. Cats get stressed too, if the sitter will be watching your cat, see if your cat will let the sitter pet or hold her.
  • Make sure that the sitter is comfortable with your pet schedule and that they have the tools to do the job right. Some people say to have all the supplies, like food, liter etc out for the sitter, but I feel it's even more comfortable and natural for your pet if the sitter gets the food, treats and other items, just like you would. But make sure they know where all the items needed are located. Also include special instructions, routines and habits your pet is used to.
  • Keep the house at the regular or near regular temp you keep it when you are home and leave instructions for your sitter in the event of a power outage. Sometimes when the power goes off certain items in the house will need to be reset, like pre-programmed laser toys for the cats, timed lights and more.
  • Pet proof your home, your pet will get bored without you and will explore the house. Sounds silly, but they like to get into cupboards, closet and even toilets.
  • Nobody likes to think of the possible emergency while on vacation, but make sure that your sitter has your vets information. Call the vet prior to leaving and let them know that your sitter has permission to make healthcare decisions in your absence. This should be easy enough if you have a regular vet, if not, make sure you also write a note giving permission to the sitter for healthcare decisions. And if you don't have a vet where you could be billed for services, see if the sitter is willing to front any potential costs or leave them with some cash (put the cash in a sealed envelope and write in case of emergency)

Like with anything, the more you prepare, the better chances things will go smoothly. Now go have a great vacation, if you're still a bit worried, think about setting up some kind of video chat a couple of times while you're away. And don't forget to give them the code to the front door or a key. (if you don't have a universal lock system, be sure to include a garage key)