Silver Grill - Worlds Biggest Bloody Mary Bar -

Quail eggs…pickled cactus leaves…pickled sausage and 47 other eclectic garnishes are delicious parts of the World’s Biggest Bloody Mary Bar this Saturday and Sunday on the Silver Grill’s back Patio Lounge in Old Town Fort Collins. The title “World’s Biggest” has been confirmed by the World Record Academy.

The past month, Chef Heather Beckman has been busy pickling and ordering a gargantuan list of 50 unusual garnishes for the one-of-a-kind offering. This is the 5th year for the popular, history-making event.

The WBBMB includes ingredients from several other local businesses – Horsetooth Hot Sauce, Old Town Spice Shop and Vom Faas (balsamic vinegar).

 Bloody Mary History

The history of the Bloody Mary cocktail is as complex as its recipe, but when the Silver Grill opened in 1933, it’s possible the likes of Ernest Hemingway were enjoying the vodka/tomato cocktail in Paris bars. Most think today’s popular breakfast cocktail gained popularity in the U.S. around 1939, when actor and comedian George Jessel introduced the pick-me-up around Hollywood. The tasty and photogenic drink made the gossip columns and quickly became a favorite morning cocktail.

The restaurant, 218 Walnut, is open 7 am – 2 pm each day.