Do you remember the first time you heard your dad use his "bowling words"? I sure do. We were driving through Minneapolis when someone cut off my dad and he referred to them as fish poop, I was confused as to why he would call them a bass turd. I later found out the proper spelling and realized it had nothing to do with fish. I can still see my mom smacking him and telling him not to use those words in front of the kids.

As parents we have come up with words to say instead of cursing. My mom has always uttered the phrase "sugar jets" when she is frustrated. I have heard Susan shout "well goodnight nurse" many times and still have no idea what that means. My wife Kyla will say "gol dixie Sam" whose origin is a mystery to me. A couple of my personal favorites that I use are "thunder and onions" and if I am tempted to use the Lord's name in vain I just shout "Vern Gosdin" instead.

I know you have some to share too. Please comment below and give us some new alternatives.