Last week a story and video emerged about animal abuse.  The video showed days old
calves being pushed, dragged, and kicked.  The footage was taken by Taylor Radig, a temporary employee at Quanah Cattle Co. near Kersey.

Now Radig is charged with animal cruelty because she shot the video last summer and
according to the Weld County Sheriff's Office 'didn't report the alleged abuse in a timely manner'.

Radig told investigators she was a contractor for Compassion Over Killing and compiled many hours of animal abuse footage.

Compassion Over Killing Executive Director Erica Meier said in an emailed statement that Radig merely witnessed others committing abuse.

“The charge against our investigator is unsupported by the law and it reeks of political motivation fueled by an agribusiness industry that is once again lashing out in desperation to stop undercover investigators from exposing the truth,” Meier said in the statement. “Undermining the integrity of the legal system, this shoot-the-messenger strategy is aimed at detracting attention away from the crimes of those who actually abused animals.”