If there is one thing Toby Keith does well it's write and/or sing a great song.  His New Album called "Hope On The Rocks" is Keith's 16th studio album and the first single, "I like girls that drink beer" is setting the pace.

The first single "I like girls that drink beer" reached #18 on the charts so Toby is for sure shooting for top ten if not the coveted top spot on this new single.

The new single is the title track of the new album and follows almost the same theme as it's predecessor with songs like "Haven't Had a Drink All Day," "Scat Cat" and "Cold Beer Country."

I personally think this could be the best album for Toby Keith to date as he gets back to the basics of what he does best and sings it from the hear.  We think you'll not only love the new single but album as well.

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