The Denkai Animal Sanctuary has been around now for a decade. Floss and her volunteers have done some amazing things for our animal friends. In fact, they have helped over 2900 animals just in 2013 alone.  As you can imagine though, it's not free and Denkai would love to see you at their next event.

The Wine Tasting and Art Auction event will be on Saturday, September 14th at 7:00 PM in Littleton at 1800 W Oxford (Units B,C,&D.)  In addition to tasting some of the best wines and beers (plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well) around there will be all kinds of door prizes, but there's a twist.  What could it be?  Show up and find out.  Plus there will be chocolate, nuts, crackers, goat cheese samples and even a 'donation toss.'

The best part though, in my opinion, will be the art auction. All the art comes from Denkai's 10 years in operation and every piece tells a story and consists of the animals rescued by Denkai. They are even expanding and framing some of their most renowned newspaper articles and stories of Denkai. These will be available at the event as well!

Tickets for this wonderful event are only $10 and you can register online through their website or you can pay at the door. For more information please send an email to or