On May 12, 1902, the Windsor Fire Department was organized for the protection of the property within the Town of Windsor. The first equipment consisted of a hose cart with 550 feet of 2 1/2" hose, a nozzle, two axes, and four buckets.  Today it covers 100 square miles and houses a piece of history.

I had the honor of doing a live broadcast at the 1oth Annual Windsor-Severance Fire Rescue house this past weekend and got more than I had bargained for.

It's always fun to do these kind of community remotes especially when fire trucks are involved but about half way through the broadcast a pickup truck backed up right next to our table with some very precious cargo.

We all knew it was heavy when 3 brutes hauled this extremely heavy piece from the back of the truck to inside the garage part of the firehouse and when they uncovered the object I knew  immediately it was a piece of I-beam from the World Trade Center.

I watched as they hung the flag and put in place two glass etched plates on either side with the name of each firemen killed on that fateful day.  I asked if I could touch it and when I did it just brought chills; to actually touch a piece of living history like that is just hard to explain.  One of the most evil things to have ever happened in U.S. History and there was piece of  it at my feet.

Humbled to tears remembering what happened on that awful day was a blatant reminder that I will never forget all those brave rescue workers and civilians who lost their life.