A couple days ago a soldier from Windsor, CO gave the Good Morning Guys a call.  Patrick Rovero told the guys that he had a song that was written by his buddy in Iraq and performed by himself.  Patrick sent the video to Brian and Todd so they could post it on the K99 website.

Here are Patrick's own words:

The original writer of the song is Ryan Ochocki. We were classmates at West Point together and have been playing together since 2007. Our band used to be called the Shortbus Gangsters. The purpose of the song is that all these huge artists make the feel good patriotic song so we wanted one by soldiers for soldiers. But not just for them but also for the families who silently stand by them and are left behind when we and they go overseas to do the job asked. Ryan is currently in Talil Iraq and he has a wife and 4 month old son that are waiting for him to come home. I'm on leave right but was in the Arghandab River Valley.