It's been confirmed that 25 year old Sgt. Christopher Birdwell died in Kalagush on Monday.

The Coloradoan reports that the news has come down from the Department of Defense Tuesday.

Sgt. Birdwell and Spc. Mabry J. Anders were died from injuries received from enemy small arms fire.

Both soldiers were in the 4th Special Troops Battallion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, Fourth Infantry Division out of Fort Carson.

Birdwell joined the Army when he was 18, a few months after graduating from Windsor High School, and he re-enlisted when his initial contract was up. Dustin Birdwell said his brother took great pride in being a leader of his fellow soldiers.

In a time like this when we honor a soldier that has given us so much, I hope that we can all bow our heads for a moment of silence and reflection for what Sgt. Birdwell and all soldiers do everyday to assure our freedoms and to keep us safely tucked in bed each night. The real men and women, the ones that make the real differences for us each day are the ones that wear their uniforms proudly and stand tall to protect us at all costs.

Thank you Windsor for our fallen son, he will be missed, but his work will never be forgotten, his honor will remain always in our hearts. Sgt. Birdwell's dad owns Windsor based business American Heating and Air Conditioning. We also thank you for raising such a fine young man and our thoughts and prayers will be with you.