Want a truck? We have one for you. How about a beautiful brand new 2011 Nissan Titan Crew Cab from Ehrlich Nissan in Greeley and K99? We start giving away keys on the air today. You will 4 chances every weekday to win a key. We will play the cue to call each weekday at 7:20 with the Good Morning Guys and also during the 99 at 9, the 99 at noon and the 99 at 3. This is the baddest truck we have ever given away without a doubt. We have given away some great vehicles over the years but this baby takes the prize. You are going to look great in this truck.

Saturday I had the pleasure of kicking off the truck giveaway at Ehrlich and it was so wonderful to get this vehicle out for you to see and get a chance to visit with you. The greatest part of my job is YOU and getting to spend time with you is such a treat for me. So many old, current and brand new friends showed up. I got to talk baseball with folks and talk about weapons of bass destruction with fisherman friends who came by and I even I saw the woman who won a truck from us in the early 90’s and still drives it around with the “K99” still proudly displayed on the fender.

I was even toilet papered. I had mentioned on the air last week that our company is cheap and we have basically one ply toilet paper, in fact it is the kind of paper a baker would hand you a donut with, not very nice on my sensitive backside. Well I was so blessed that a wonderful listener, Judy, brought me quilted Northern Tissue, it feels like it was knitted by a bunch of ladies in the basement of a Lutheran church. I love my job. I also got to serve up a bunch of tasty hot dogs fresh off the grill, just a bunch of friends hanging out by a truck chatting and grilling, a typical American weekend and we have many more to spend together before we give this truck away on June 4th. Be sure to check out to see where we will be and make your plans to come join us. We have a great summer we want to share with you.