In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 13th is 'No Bra Day'. So this Sunday as we cheer on the Broncos, let's be careful out there ladies. Guys will be tripping over themselves trying to discreetly catch a peak, oops, I meant peek.

My 'Good Morning Guys' Brian and Todd are totally on board. The say they let their 'moobs' fly every day, and Todd was quoted as saying, 'Guys Love Boobs.'  Brian added, ' We do, even more than bacon'.  Co-worker 'Steve' said, 'If I had boobs, I'd never leave the house'.

I won't be jumping rope or jogging on this day BUT will be riding my horse. While a bra would seem to be imperative, I doubt I'll restrain the girls. After all my mare Lily is blessed with the 'floating trot'...actually I would be the blessed one, thank you Lil! (you KNEW I'd mention horses , didn't you?)

Susan Moore, TSM

Breast Cancer Awareness has gotten to be huge, and as more women become aware of the importance of mammograms, more lives are saved every year. I'm for any means to get the word out. Now, SOME people don't find No Bra Day amusing at all...see more HERE.

For MANY of us with fun loving, bouncing, free at last tatas, we are so grateful to have
healthy cancer free breasts. Will you let 'em swing?