I already have 2 wonderful grandsons from my daughter Vanessa but now my son Nick and the love of his life Kia will be having a baby in August. This weekend we will be heading to Holyoke to find out what the critter is. My son got to see the baby for the first time yesterday and said it was doing all sorts of flips and movements .He is convinced it is a baby ninja.

They were going to wait until it crawled out to find out if it is a boy or girl but with everyone constantly asking they figured they would just find out early. They took the info from the doctor and are giving it to the baker who will make a cake with either pink or blue inside. We will cut the cake and all find out together. I am guessing in a town the size of Holyoke that the baker and doctor may be the same person. What do you think the baby will be. I am guessing girl. Place your vote here and I will let you know the results on Monday. We just hope for healthy and we will all make sure it is happy. I love being a Grandpa. Can't wait for another one.

Nick Flaa, TSM