A  wildfire burned over 300 acres near the Cobb Lake State Wildlife Area yesterday.    Kama first reported yesterday afternoon that the fire was out of control at Larimer County Roads 3 and 56 .  We now have pictured of the blaze thanks to the Poudre Fire Authority.

Just after noon yesterday the Poudre Emergency Communications Center received a report of a ditch burn that was out of control. Poudre Fire Authority, Wellington Fire Protection District, Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and Poudre Valley Health System Emergency Services all responded to the incident.

An emergency notification system message was sent out to residents within a one mile radius of the incident to be prepared to evacuate, but those who did leave were allowed to return to their homes.  No structures were damaged or destroyed and nobody was injured by the wildfire. Crews remained on the scene last night to make sure that there were no flare-ups.

Poudre Fire Authority would like to encourage all residents of Larimer County to register for emergency notification.