We had a story a while back about a guy who had a sidewalk flower stand and starting to sell hot dogs as well to try to attract more customers. He figured guys would be more apt to buy some flowers if they could have hot wiener while waiting.

This got us thinking that ladies could shop there and buy their husbands a dozen wieners. How nice would that be? You come home from work and hand your wife a dozen roses and she hands you a dozen wieners. Pure happiness. We were thinking it would change some classic country songs. If you were do replace the word "rose" and replaced it with "wiener" it would completely change the meaning of the songs. The John Conlee classic would now be "Wiener Colored Glasses". The Lynn Anderson hit would now be "I Never Promised You A Wiener Garden". How about Kenny Rogers "Buy Me A Wiener" or the Marie Osmond old song "Paper Wieners"? There was the rock hit by Poison "Every Wiener Has It's Thorn." One word can make a world of difference.

Who can forget the world's ultimate wiener song.