Jana Kramer is stuck in my head. Okay, so her cd in my car doesn't help my condition, but holy smokes.

How many times in life have you gone through a horrible break up only to keep running into him wherever you go? You walk down the street thinking "oh yeah, I can do this, I'm over him" and then boom, you run right into him and that is it-back to square one!

Jana Kramer talks a bit about the making of the video and about becoming a star:

I have been crushed... you have had your heart torn out... so here's my plan... let's write a song... oh come on, we can do this... Kind of like when we were kids around the campfire... I'll start and you go down to the comment section and start adding on till we have our number one hit country song... ready, set go!

your love once was so warm...

(okay... now it's your turn... whatcha got?)