This weekend we are taking our annual ride to Topeka to irritate the Wet Burro Baptist Cult or WBC if you will. It is our annual Journey 4 Justice trip to make our patriotic voices heard in a legal, mostly peaceful way. This trip means so much to me and my soul. I love this country and the freedom it offers. I know these pieces of fecal matter from the WBC have the legal right to bring their signs and protest military funerals. They are legally protected to do so, it is their right. Don't waste your time showing up in the cities they go to protest in. They want you there. They want you to scream and holler at them so they can scream holler and sing loudly back at you. Trust me that is exactly what they want. What they don't want is us showing up at their house and exercising our constitutional right to wave our flags in their faces.

I love the feeling of brotherhood we all get doing this together. There is a bond that you can only feel doing a trip like this. This year we ride in honor of our fallen brother Bob Hosier who was killed in a motorcycle accident a few months back. Friday would be Bob's birthday and we will ride in his honor. He loved nothing more than irritating these pigs. We will do it for Bob and all those who have served this country. Ride on boys and girls. Let's go make a difference.