As much as possible I try to avoid fast food, but there is just something about a good cheeseburger that causes a lack of control for me. When I think of a good cheeseburger there really are only a handful of places that come to mind. Unfortunately one of the places I frequent for their burgers wont be serving anything for awhile. Culver’s Restaurant in Greeley will be closed for at least one day.

The board of Weld County commissioners on Wednesday suspended the food establishment license for Culver’s, acting on a series of health violations cited at the restaurant since October. No one reported getting sick after eating at the restaurant, but commissioners said the 35 critical health violations cited by inspectors with the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment are unacceptable.

Culver’s will be closed for at least one day and reopen once the restaurant has completed an audit and training with a third-party food health company, which managers said will take a few days.

Violations at the restaurant included tongs used in raw hamburger meat that were then used on buns, unfilled paper towels for employees to wash their hands, a water bottle left on the counter, an unlabeled spray bottle and a dish machine that didn’t properly sanitize.