This is without a doubt the worst time of the year for me. I love cold and darkness and now we start heating up and having never ending daylight. Daylight Saving Time went into effect over the weekend and my 6 month depression begins. There are so many things I hate about this time of the year and I will get to those in a minute but first the one thing I like about this time of year...I get to ride my motorcycle. That is all. Now on to the things I hate.

I hate that it is 6 months until football. I hate that it will be light until midnight every day. I get up before dawn has even thought of cracking and go to work. We then do all of the honey do's at home and try to finish up by night and then go to bed. Well I will not see night again until October. I will not get to see the sun go down on a day and call it finished. I will have to go to bed in the light and that isn't easy. Why is it more important for those who work later in the day to get the light? Why can't I have it in the morning? There is naturally more daylight this time of year already, why do we need to set the clocks forward to get more? I don't get it. I hate the heat that will be coming. I am a large hairy man who will now sweat and glisten until September. My body looks better in winter and fall clothes that cover flesh. I don't need my jiggly white flesh on display for 180 days. I am not a big baseball fan, so I only have NASCAR to fill my sports fix until August when preseason football will start. That is a long joyless time. I hate that soon I will be seeing my shirtless neighbor mow his yard. I will be in the basement. See you in September.