Estes Park is just about an hour or so away for most of us! So why don't we visit more?  It is one of the most beautiful spots on earth, but my wife and I (Todd Harding) only go when when have visitors from out of town!

Last time we went we stopped along Highway 34 to watch a family of Big Horn Sheep.  I love Rocky Mountain National Park! The view from Trail Ridge Road is breathtaking, but my wife is not as enthusiastic as me to make the drive to the Visitor's Center! She holds on to the door every time we go! I tell her if we roll a few hundred feet down the mountain, holding on to the door probably won't do much good. She still does it! Brian doesn't like the drive over Trail Ridge either. He says his butt cheeks are clinched so tight when he visits that if you were to cram a chunk of coal up his backside, you could make a diamond! I say it's worth it and over 3 million people agree with me. According to an article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

Officially, 3,128,445 people visited the park last year for a 4.6 percent increase over 2009, park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson said. The busiest year at the park was 2000, when almost 3.4 million people visited.