I am the 1 in 10. I am the exception. I am the anomaly. If one person in a group gets their order messed up, bag lost, flight delayed or any other unexpected mixed up, it's me. I know many people claim this but believe me it's true for me. You can ask anyone who has gone out with me that it is true. Todd has seen it time and time again and we just laugh about it now. Just yesterday we went out for brunch and it happened again.

I honestly don't know why this always happens. Am I wearing a sign that says "mess up my order"? I am going to start keeping track of how often I get an order right and how often not. I bet it will end up closer than the Bush/Gore election. I am often afraid to send back my order because I know how happy the cooks are when food is sent back.

Check out the picture of a recent burger I sent back because it came with mayo and I ordered it without. This is what I got back from the kitchen at the Chili's in Greeley. Would you eat it?

I have decided that I am going to carry an emergency ham sandwich with me at all times just in case of emergencies. I am the 1 in 10.