It happens to me all the time. It happened to me twice last week. My wife and I will go out to dinner and the server will come up behind us and ask if us "ladies" want anything to drink. I then get to see the look of shock and fear on their faces as they realize that I am not a lady but a burly biker looking dude. We went out for our 27th anniversary last week and it happened that night too. "Would you lady....and gentleman like a beverage?" is what the server said. I told her I wasn't falling for it and that she called me a lady. She turned redder than a Target sign. I have gotten several free desserts out these moments. I am keeping my long hair for the free cake alone. My wife says I should be flattered because it means my hair looks as nice as a woman's from behind. I'm a biker not a Cover Girl. If you are in the food service business make sure you call your customers "folks" until you know for sure what they are. There are a few more like me out there.