Actually, it's a pretty fair question.  I had no idea the 32 Benghazi survivors who were rescued have not made it home yet, including 5 high ranking diplomats. Or have they? Who knows...that's the problem.  Where are they?

After doing an hour or so of research there really are no clear answers why we have not heard from the survivors of the attack in Benghazi but it does seem apparent that they are under a gag order and can't even admit they were witnesses to the attack.

I seriously have no idea why they would be gagged.  Again, who cares what side your on; maybe you ride a donkey maybe you ride an elephant, who cares.  Why are these survivors being gagged and if your not questioning that, maybe you should.

The FBI has interviewed the survivors, but they refuse to release that information to Congress, let alone the American people! And despite the efforts of Senators Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, who have been on the front lines of the Benghazi scandal, the Obama Administration is point-blank refusing to allow the representatives of “we the people” any access to those firsthand accounts. Those not currently needing medical treatment are supposedly legally barred by non-disclosure agreements from even admitting they were present during the attacks – something that should have been fixed by the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 -  Anonymous CBS Source

Who knows!  Nothing beats a good scandal, cover-up or conspiracy theory.  Maybe there is something to the reports of a heavily guarded Walter Reed Hospital.  Questions, I just have too many of them anymore to trust any political source because one thing I am sure of:  None of them care about me and my family; it's about them and their families.