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When I was a kid I was allergic to anything. Now it seems like I am allergic to everything, including my cats.  I am on 2 different medications for my allergies, but every time I go to get one of my meds at the drug store, I feel like a criminal!

I use Flonase, which is a prescription. I have no problem getting that.  I also take Claritin-D or Allegra-D or Zyrtec-D.  I have rotated them over the years.  The problem is they used to be over the counter. Now they are behind the counter, guarded like Fort Knox.  You can only buy 10 or 15 pills at at time. That means I have to go the pharmacy up to 3 times a month for one stupid drug.  I have have to show an ID. Then they do a background check on me and check their computer to make sure I haven't purchased more pills than I am allowed to have under state law.

The last time I tried to purchase Claritin-D, I still had 2 pills in my pill pack and the computer knew that.  The guy behind the counter had to do his job and refuse me a new pack of pills. I felt like a junkie trying to buy illegal drugs, when I was really just trying to avoid going to the pharmacy again two days later.  I can't be the only one this has happened to. It's crazy.  I don't feel like I should be made to feel like a common criminal just because I would like to be able to breathe through my nose.