Last week I wrote about my Olympic torch and how it is one of my most prized possessions and how carrying it was one of the highlights of my career. I have had so many wonderful things happen to me during my 25 years here. Winning a CMA award and many other cool awards, raising at least half of million dollars to help abused children and meeting every star I have ever dreamed of but the biggest honor could be The Brian Gary Burger.

I had always fantasized about having a sandwich named after me and a few years back Randy from Randy's All American Grill in Greeley made that dream come true. I am heading there today from lunch with some friends and I plan on eating me. Does that make me a cannibal?

The Brian Gary Burger has 2 patties, several cheese slices, BACON, deep fried cheese sticks and topped with a pair of rocky mountain oysters. You can have lettuce, tomato, onion and that garden crap on there too but I opt for the salad-free meat and cheese taste explosion. I love going to Randy's and hear people order me. I feel like the king of burger land.

If you had a burger named after you, what would be on it?