Being on the air for the last 25 years has given me the opportunity to interview just about every country star you can think of. Doing interviews, aside from meeting you at remotes and appearances, is my favorite part of my job. I interviewed everyone from Chris LeDoux to Reba to Garth. I remember doing a broadcast from a Hardee's restaurant when Garth called us there seeing if he could get some of them "tater rounds".


Not all interviews go well though. I can think of 3 that stand out in my mind as being just painful. Keep in mind that these stars may have been having an "off day" but they were awful interviews non the less. I interviewed Shania Twain many years ago and you could tell she really had no interest in doing an interview. She gave one word answers and was far from engaging. I can say the same thing about Tim McGraw. I was so excited to talk to Tim when he came to the Stampede a few years back but he was obviously not excited to talk to me. He didn't want to do an interview and it showed. The worst interview ever though was someone you probably haven't heard of, Scotty Emerick. Scotty made his name as a songwriter for Toby Keith. He penned "Beer For My Horses", "As Good As I Once Was" and many many more and tried to make it as a solo artist back in 03. He had one top 30 hit and I can say his personality may have had a factor in his non success. I was interviewing him in an RV on the Stampede grounds and the whole time he was watching tennis on our TV and didn't listen to a word I asked him. I was never more insulted as an interviewer. I have interviewed hundreds of great people but these 3 stand out as the worst of my career.