His name is Larry Eckhardt.  I have never met the man but I can tell you that I am humbled to be on the same planet as him.  Larry Eckhardt does what no one else does and travels thousands and thousands of miles to do it.  I can only hope to be half the man that Larry Eckhardt is.

Larry Eckhardt is truly a unique human being and surely one of the most patriotic people we know.  Larry has been travelling from his home in Illinois to military funeral all across the country putting out flags along the processional route.

Lot's of flags.  2200+ to be exact!  In fact Larry has been to 86 funerals all out of his own pocket and donations.  It's a fact that Larry has put himself into debt doing this but refuses to quit.  His idea of bringing communities together and setting the stage is his primary focus.

The one thing Larry and I have in common is that we both (as many of us do) believe wholeheartedly that our sons and daughters who are dying on a daily basis should never go unnoticed.  Many take it for granted that a war is still be waged and American citizens are dying and no one even notices.

That was the main reason I started my Monday KIA post to make sure everyone knew of those who sacrificed their life the prior week protecting our freedom and Constitution.

You have all heard me ask a 100 times "why do we not fly flags at half staff every week" when we are so willing to do so when a celebrity dies?  You have to be famous to be honored by our country?

If you would like to help Larry continue his efforts you can mail a check (mine is already in the mail) and I would be forever grateful as well if you would send him a friend request and ask how you can help and to let him know that Colorado applauds his noble effort and patriotism.