Duck Dynasty, which airs on Wednesday nights 8pm MST on A&E, has not only become a hit television show. It has become a cultural phenomenon. After watching the season 3 premiere with my wife and 3 daughters, I started assembling the perfect Duck Dynasty cast in my head. Now I feel moved to share with you my version of the Robertsons.

The first role I had to cast was Phil Robertson, the family patriarch and founder of Duck Commander/Buck Commander calls. Phil is strong in his convictions and his love for his family along with his country is unsurpassed. It makes me happy happy happy to say that the K99 Phil Robertson would have to be none other than Charley Barnes. Just like Phil, Charley isn't one to just talk for the heck of it. When Charley speaks, I make it a point to listen. Also with a title like "The Hogfather", how can he NOT be the Phil Robertson of K99?

The next that came to mind was the role of Jase Robertson. Jase is known for the simple logic that can make even the smartest people seem like bumbling idiots. For this role, only one person came to mind. Todd Harding. Todd has the talent of using simple logic to solve most problems even though he is one of the smartest people I've ever known.

The role of Si shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who knows this man...Brian Gary. Much like Si, Brian is known for the smiles he brings to other people's lives. But Si, as much Brian, is just as strong in his convictions. It also helps that both of these men are the uncles you wish you had...JACK!

If you've read all the recipe blogs she's done, you would understand only one of the reasons why D Dennison is my Miss Kay. But cooking the perfect casserole wasn't the only reason. Miss Kay is strong like D. Like Miss Kay is the backbone of the Robertson clan, D Denninson is that to the K99 family.

The most notable woman on Duck Dynasty, outside of Miss Kay, would undoubtably be Korie Robertson. Along with being the wife of Willie, she has a compassion for her family and nuturing nature that can only be compared to Susan moore. Korie is also the one most recognized for her beauty and how, at all times, she composes herself like a lady. Plus, if you can look as beautiful as Susan after the horse incidents she's had, you would've earned the right to be the K99 Korie Robertson.

Last but not least is the role of Willie Robertson. Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander/Buck Commander and the central figure on Duck Dynasty. And since this is MY casting, The role of Willie Robertson is filled by me. Danny Joe. Not because I see myself as the boss, but for a couple of other reasons. I am like Willie in the fact that I'm surrounded by a cast of people that I consider more than friends. I consider Charley, Todd, Brian, D, and Susan family and it's because of their guidance and support that I get to do what I love. It also helps to have the beginnings of a beard in which the Robertsons can be proud.