You get what you give, approach the day with a smile and smiles you will get. Really? That may work for those other guys, you know the ones, Tuesday, Thursday and their pal Friday, but Monday?

It never fails something happens on Monday, now the same may be true for other days of the week, but on Monday its highlighted. Like a big smiley face sticking its tongue out at you. It's the day that you hit every red light. Monday is the day that you run out of gas and forget your lunch. Does this happen on Friday, no I dare say not. So what is the deal with Monday, who did this?

The answer doesn't matter because if Tuesday were the new Monday, the day following at least one day of rest would only be the NEW Monday! So it has to be perception, oh that perception,  its a drag. My thoughts are that it just seems off because we aren't all at home sleeping in and making pancakes. On Monday there's no lounging around tossing the coin between domestics and playtime. There is one goal of the day for most and that's getting to work on time. Somehow the old classic "working on the chain gang" is playing in my head.

The only real way to get through a Monday is to just have fun with it. Do something silly at least once today. Maybe you could make pancakes for dinner? Or lock yourself in the bathroom and take a long hot bath before dinner. Dinner, phooey, there is surely enough left overs from the weekend and if not, isn't there a can of soup in the pantry?

Monday has its own struggles. It is often referred to the first day of the week unless you're looking at another calendar and then it would be the second day of the week. (so technically Sunday should get all the grief)  The name Monday is old English or middle English either way it basically means 'Moon Day'. Monday has been kicking around since before 1200. In Thailand Monday's color is yellow, my Ashley would like to know that, its her favorite color. (I don't think Monday's are her favorite days though, she LOVES to sleep in) Here's a Monday fact I bet you didn't know, Monday is the most popular day to call in sick to work.

All and all Monday get's a bad rap solely for its placement in the week. Some people look at Monday with a happy face, my husband still gets a bit of a smile on his face for Mondays; growing up Monday was meatloaf night. (poor guy, I really don't prefer meatloaf and seldom make it-I should be a bit more giving in this area) Happy Monday, regardless if its been good or bad despite your perception.

Scroll down to the comment section and tell me your worst and best Monday stories, or share a really good meatloaf recipe.