It's a nasty habit, no two ways about it. Those of us who do smoke usually have a place to go at work, but how safe is your smoking area?

I had to write about this today because it was just too ironic. These gas cans have been sitting in this same place for over a month which got me to thinking today:

1. Why haven't these cans been stolen yet (they have been there over a month, and

2. Why hasn't someone, like me, accidentally burned down our building by now

Now I want to know what your smoking area looks like. Do you have any funny pictures you can send? For me, I am hoping this pic goes viral just so I can check that off my bucket list. Of all the funny pics I see on Facebook that have millions of shares, because they are real life photo's, my life's goal is to know have one of those as well.

I can't wait to see it and read the different captions.