Well, we were led to believe from Leon Panetta {head of the CIA} that the photo/s of Bin laden would be released, however, the White House has recently confirmed that they will in fact NOT show them to us.

President Barack Obama has decided against releasing death photos of Osama bin Laden amid concerns that gruesome images could prove inflammatory, even though they could have provided tangible proof of the terrorist mastermind's demise.

Why was it deemed OK to watch Saddam hang and it's OK to pay good money to see someone's head blown off  in the latest mob, war, or action movie and it's OK to play one of a thousand video games and blow people to pieces but we are too sensitive to see Bin laden's dead body?   Is it just me that thinks this is all a little fishy?  Of all the American tax dollars  that was spent over a decade to find the most hated man in American, don't you think we are OWED a picture?

How many gruesome pics from Vietnam and every other war of our own dead soldiers all twisted and mangled and more recently, the American soldiers that were caught for going on a murdering spree, just for fun, and we all saw those pics on 100 different websites!

Could this be all about President Obama catering to Muslims so as not to offend them? It would seem to me that is the case or there is or was never a dead body to show! I personally tend to believe he's dead thought  for all we know he may have died of natural causes and tossed in the street for us to find which means our President is doing exactly what he shouldn't be doing by showing favoritism to the Muslim world over the United States of America who CLEARLY want to see the picture/s.

Am I crazy?  Feel free to leave your comments because I really want to know where everyone stands on this issue.

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