Who would ever think that a movie with Channing Tatum in a tank top would make me sad!? Well it did, so there. White House Down also sparked my patriotic fire.

Now it shouldn't be a mystery that for a guy with hair, I do think that he is pretty attractive-just thought I'd get that out there before you started talking behind my back about how it was probably Channing that moved me. :P

I have to tell you that I love this country called America, 100% feel Red, White and Blue running through my veins. I love the men and women that serve as soldiers, who protect our president, who protect our streets and keep us safe. It is these men and women that help hole on to my integrity, hope and faith.

My son Colton, a 230 pound six-foot-one all American boy,  had his life planned out. He was going to attend UNL and study Criminal Justice, He was going to join the Army and the FBI and perhaps one day the Secret Service. In this "but a movie", Channing's character worked hard and dreamed of being a hero for his daughter and protect the president. I know that it may sound cheesy and that's okay, my son would have loved this movie and been all the more inspired. Yes, White House Down is a movie of entertainment, but within the acting and entertaining there were factual truths, honor and sacrifice. Sometimes a movie like this is just what the average American needs to see to spark their patriotic side, it's like watching Rocky, who doesn't want to work out after a Rocky marathon?

I cried for minutes after the movie just because it made me remember my son and all the dreams that he had for his life and it made me want to wave an American flag and wake up the sleep walking Americans who don't feel like they matter, we all matter.

If you saw Olympus has Fallen and think that you have seen enough movies attacking the White House and taking down the President, I ask you to see just one more. I saw Olympus has Fallen and although okay it is no comparison to White House Down. And as in Django, Jamie Foxx continues to stun and surprise me with his acting maturity. Great performance.

What ever it takes to move you, I hope that you find it. If it is a cheesy movie, a cynical book or an amazing concert, I hope that you find it.