The National Toy Hall of Fame has been celebrating toys since it's creation in 1998. Each year they come out with a list of nominees and about two or three are enshrined each year. Everything from a stick to a blanket to Play-Doh have gotten the nod in years past.

The new list of 12 nominees has just been released and I am wondering which ones you think deserve to be in the hall. The nominees for 2016 are the card game Uno, Transformers, the swing, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, pinball, Nerf, Fisher-Price Little People, Dungeons & Dragons, Clue, coloring books, Care Bears and bubble wrap.

Time for you to vote. I have listed all 12 nominees in the poll below. Please pick your favorite 3 and we will see which ones we think should be in the hall this year.