Let's begin with when the heck is Mother's Day, a question I hear all of the time. This year it falls on Sunday, May 11, 2014. Mother's Day is celebrated around the world and is always the second Sunday of May in the United States. What does mom really want for Mother's Day, whether you're from Colorado or New York, it'll be the same.

Flowers D Dennison

Before you go scouring the internet or every boutique in the Northern Colorado remember this is about mom, not the perfect gift.

I've overheard so many people talk about Mother's day and what they should get her. Many conversations I've heard come across as very stressful. Mom would never want you to stress out about what to get her. And, as with any potentially gift giving time, of course she would want something, but mostly she wants what you've already given her.

A mother's love is unconditional and giving. Instead of trying to find the perfect gift remember that she has been proud of you since the day you were born. When mom first looked at you her eye's filled with tears. She was so very proud that she was able to bring you into this world, she loved you before you were born and at the moment you were here her loved grew larger with every second. There isn't a gift out there that can touch how she already feels for you.

What mom really wants for Mother's Day, is you. When I sit back in the morning with my hot coffee and begin my day, I think of my children. I don't remember what they've given me or think about what they may give me, I think of them. I walk through my memories of each of them. I remember the laughter, the tears and the times when we ate together and shared special times as a family. A mother's memories are the best gift you can ever give her. And as time passes, as you yourself grow older with your own families and hurried schedules, memories become unmeasurable to a mother. The knicknacks will collect dust, flowers will die and perfume will become an empty bottle, but your time will live forever in her heart and bring her peace and happiness when she recalls these moments in her mind.

I know when it comes down to it your time is likely the hardest thing to give, but trust this mom, a day with my kids going to the nursery and out to brunch are the best memories and most treasured gift that they have given me.

Happy Mother's Day!