Election Day will be here November 6th.   Hopefully you will at least cast your vote that day- I'd hate to see you miss the opportunity for your voice to be heard!

I've gathered up the list of places to vote in Loveland, Colorado that day- maybe I'll see you there!

Check it out!

Whether you vote for Obama or Romney that first Tuesday of November, Election Day is an important American tradition.  Just looking at the United States Flag, I can get goosebumps thinking of the millions of citizens who've cast THEIR vote to help make American the best nation on the planet.   Some people choose not to vote; not even for the Presidential election. That astonishes me.  Get over to a polling place and be a part of history!!

Here's where to go in Loveland, Colorado on Election Day!

Faith Evangelical Church 2707 N. Wilson Ave.
Life Spring Covenant Church 743 S. Dotsero Dr.
Trinity Lutheran Church 3333 N. Duffield Ave.
The Ranch – 1st National Bank Bldg. 5280 Arena Cr.
Thompson Valley Towne Center 1107 Eagle Dr.
City of Loveland Police and Courts Bldg. 810 East 10th St.