Yesterday Brian and I received an e-mail from our friend Marlene that included this picture of the tiniest, cutest baby kitten we have ever seen.  Marlene just happens to be our record rep for MCA Nashville. Marlene is an animal lover, who has saved many animals over the years. Here is the story of how she saved this little guy, in her own words:

Well…. a friend heard her horse making all sorts of racket! She thought maybe a snake was in the corral….when she went out her horse was focused on the dirt in the center of the field….when she went over there was this very very tiny kitten…...he was trying to climb into the warm crevice that is her horse’s NOSE!!!!

She picked him up..searched for a nest with others or the mom….nothing……so I got him…. and he is being bottle fed every 2 hours,,,,he is fighting the fight and trying very hard to stay alive….and I will do anything I can to help make that happen.

There are so feral cats everywhere…and I have trapped them, fixed them and release them but the stream never ends, so we figured that mom was moving her little family… frightened or something and he left this little guy.

Bottom line is if he lives he has a much better chance than he ever would have being a feral kitten. Please say a little prayer…he is so very tiny!!!!

There are a lot of animals in Northern Colorado that need your help. Dogs, cats, horses, and even pigs and goats in your community need homes. Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a Quality of Life No-kill Adoption Center located in Downtown Greeley, CO at the corner of 31st Ave. and 10th Street, and near Grover Colorado just minutes from the Pawnee National Grasslands.